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The SpeedQB NCR Hybrid Pouch (NCR-HP) is an add-on utility pouch for your Nucleus Chest Rig. The NCR-HP can be mounted in two configurations: above or below the NCR.


The NCR-HP can be set up as a dangler pouch BELOW your NCR to secure personal items and gear. It can also be set up ABOVE your NCR to transform your chest rig into a structured, “plate-carrier style” loadout with additional storage.


Dual water-resistant zippers allow for easy access to 2 separate compartments. One compartment has integrated elastic loops to secure small, loose items. Perfect for players who seek additional storage, or for players who prefer the look and feel of a compact plate carrier loadout.


Large loop velcro panel serves as an area for your favorite patches or accessories.

Not designed to carry real armor plates.


Compatible with the following SpeedQB products:

SpeedQB Nucleus Chest Rig 

SpeedQB Nucleus Chest Rig Quikstrip

SpeedQB Proton Magazine Pouch

SpeedQB NCR Extendo Pouch

SpeedQB CMB Cummerbund

SpeedQB AtomPack


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